Welcome again to art!
If you are not here, what is the point?
Dan Skjæveland's photographs can be viewed and placed in our very short history of photography.
The first camera-photograph was taken in 1826.
Dan will likely include Eugene Atget, Robert Frank, and Garry Winogrand among his inspirers.
You, here and now, have all the context needed - your history - head, heart, and soul.
You have all the tools necessary for experiencing.
Some of Dan's pictures can feel like puzzles we are not equipped to solve.
This is not a test!
We will all have our valid, personal reactions to the arts, and these pictures.
These are visual poems hunted and gathered in our places of public humanity.
Pictures created in a union of the common, the Skjæveland, and the camera-machine.
We are here as the expected collaborators in the experience.
I will take my time - I will chew with the patience of monks.


-Bill Dane, 2019